A For Aster (PRT_8121_67614) - Canvas Art Print - 6in X 8in

Size in Centimetres : 15 cm X 20 cm

MRP ₹1,000 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 2-5 days when ordered as Unframed, and 5-7 days when ordered as Framed.
This painting is one of my series on Floral Alphabet. A is for Aster. The name Aster is derived from the Greel word meaning 'star'. Asters come in a variety colors including pink, purple and blue. Asters symbolise purity, innocence, love, loyalty, wisdom and much more on those lines. Asters have a great deal of cultural significance in different cultures. The ancient Greeks associate them with Jupiter and the Goddess Astrea. In Germany and England, it was believed Asters have magical powers. In France, Asters are laid at the graves of fallen soldiers indicating a wish that the battle had a different outcome. Asters are September birth flowers and often given as a 20th anniversary gift. Original painting was made with: Montval Canson Watercolor A5 Paper 300gsm Brustro Artists watercolorsProduct Code-PRT_8121_67614
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