N for Nemesia (PRT_8121_67624) - Canvas Art Print - 6in X 8in

Size in Centimetres : 15 cm X 20 cm

MRP ₹1,000 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 2-5 days when ordered as Unframed, and 5-7 days when ordered as Framed.
This painting is one of my series on Floral Alphabet. N is for Nemesia Nemesias are a genus of about 50 species of annuals, perennials and subshrubs that bloom all year round. Even though native to southern Africa, they have been planted across the globe. The flowers come in almost all colors possible, except green. New, hybrid varieties have bi-colored blooms. The bright colors and pleasant fragrance make them a sought after garden plant. The flower typically has 5 petals. The upper 4 petals seem to form a fan. The lower, 5th petal is large and lobed. Nemesias are also used as edging plants and ground covers. Since they do not demand much attention but still return year after year, they are considered a symbol of perseverance, determination and friendship. Original painting made with: Montval Canson Watercolor A5 Paper 300gsm Brustro Artists watercolors Product Code-PRT_8121_67624
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